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According to GOST 52953-2008 mineral wools include several types of insulation materials:  fiberglass wool, slag wool and rockwool, however, due to is unique properties the rockwools is the most broadly applied in Russia. All these insulation materials have different performance, thermal conductivity, load resistance, water and fire resistance and significantly differ in the methods of application and physical and mechanical properties.

High quality Karelian and Urals basalites are used for production of "DoorHan" mineral wool and ideally formulated blend ensures high acidity index (1.8) and water resistance (max. 3.5) of the entire product range. High-tech equipment of the plant ensures excellent fiber length and thickness (from 4 to 6 microns) which is treated by special  water-repelling agent which guarantees high water-repellent properties. Strict observance of DoorHan basal wool process specifications ensures extremely low emission of chemicals and field particles which is confirmed by certification and hygienic control. The company equipment allows to offer products with the density ranging from 30 to 220 kg/m³.

For more detailed information about the properties of the products, please, contact our specialists who will provide all required data and assistance for selection of the material.


Insulation with low heat conductivity coefficient

Home should be warm and comfortable. In a hot day one needs coolness, while in winter we need warmth. Indoor heating is expensive and it is no good to pay for absence of comfort. Mineral wool has a low thermal conductivity as it has a porous structure that contains air. Therefore, almost no heat is transmitted.

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Effective absorption of sound ensuring sound comfort

"DoorHan" is a classical example of a versatile construction material. Having high thermal insulation properties the basalt wool slabs also ensure high sound and noise insulation. Owing to porous, fiber structure the material can neutralize various sound waves and high elastic modulus allows to apply it for insulation of intermediate floors in residential buildings where there is a high probability of impact noise/ vibrations. Such insulation can provide a barrier on sound absorption path in high noise shields.


Mineral wool slabs are produced from inorganic materials and for this reason the products are resistant to microorganisms, insects and rodents.

"DoorHan" insulation is produced only from environmentally safe basalt rock using natural binders for enhancing the fiber adhesion. For this reason the slabs are resistant to microorganisms, mould and rodents. The material does not absorb moisture and has a high steam permeability which prevents condensation maintaining a comfortable indoor microclimate.

"DoorHan" mineral wool products are resistant to corrosive chemicals (acids, salts, organic solvents, etc.) which is primarily attributable to the chemical properties of the basalt fiber. Owing to this advantage the mineral wool can be used for insulation of enclosures in buildings and structures that can be exposed to high concentrations of harmful substances.


Service life of mineral insulation is around 70 years. High resistance to the ambient conditions ensure its endurance.

High resistance to the ambient conditions ensure long lifespan of our products. Our slabs feature high strength and low shrink factor even under significant loads. This is attributable to the structure of fibers which are spaced chaotically in different directions and at various angles. Fibers are so tightly interwoven that the slabs keep their geometry and do not deform over entire service life. Service life of Doorhan mineral insulation is around 70 years.

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Our mineral wool products do not contain any toxic substance. They are completely safe for the environment and human health.

Basal fiber is an environmentally safe material as it is composed of a molten basalt. Special binders are added to attain required geometry and properties. The binder can gradually evaporate under high temperatures. As the mineral wool is applied outside buildings and structures the binder components produce no impact on the human health. This gives reason to state mineral wool slabs is the most environmentally safe material for insulation of residential buildings.

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Slabs withstand significant loads during installation and operation with a low shrink factor.

"DoorHan" insulation due to its high physical and mechanical properties does not shrink in service. This property is quite important because lower quality materials can change shape under the impact of various uncontrollable processes. This results in numerous so-called "cold bridges" causing systematic and irrecoverable heat losses in buildings and structures.

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The slab shape simplifies installation and cutting and it is also resistant to various deformations.

Insulation is the most critical stage during erection, reconstruction, overhaul of buildings and structures. Owing to rectangular shape it is easy to fit mineral wool slabs, to cut them to size. Due to high elasticity and deformation resistance application of insulation in buildings becomes easy and quick provided that all installation recommendations are complied with.

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Mineral wool fibers retain their properties under high temperatures protecting load-bearing structures from failure when exposed to fire.

"DoorHan" mineral wool slabs are inflammable and withstand the temperature of up to 1000 degrees. Insulation fibers are made of molten stone and can withstand an open flame. Enclosing structures with the mineral wool effectively contain fire propagation. While the synthetic binder starts to decompose at the temperature of ca. 200 degrees the basal slabs keep their shape for a sufficient time if they are not exposed to a mechanical impact. Due to this unique property the use of mineral wool slabs is recommended for insulation and protection of buildings with stringent fire safety requirements (large entertainment facilities, industrial facilities, social purpose facilities).

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Mineral wool does not absorb moisture which prevents condensation. It maintains a  comfortable microclimate.

DoorHan rock wool has minimum moisture absorption capacity (max. 1% in full immersion) and is a "breathing" material as it has a high steam permeability. Owing to this properties the moisture is quickly removed from the insulation layer before it condensates which would significantly reduce its insulation properties. Basal slabs are treated by a special water repellent compounds. The insulation plays a key role in maintaining comfortable microclimate in a premise. It should be noted that dry materials have maximum heat saving properties and for this reason high steam permeability and water repellency of the mineral wool have a great importance.

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